[syslog-ng] Logging loop

Bryan Henderson bryanh at giraffe-data.com
Fri Jun 1 17:38:03 CEST 2007

I think logging to a pipe is even more likely to fail (and thereby
generate a logging loop) than logging to a file, which I already know
is too risky.  Avoiding loops is much more important than preserving
the messages, so I will probably either stop logging of the "internal"
source altogether, or route the messages to a "user" destination
(i.e. write to a logged-in terminal).  The "user" destination seems to
be really simple and highly robust.

But I might be able to do better with a small enhancement to the code.
I'm thinking of something that drops any message generated internally
while in the process of logging a message from source 'internal'.

Another thing I've considered is a destination option that says,
"never mind if it fails."  Then in my configuration, I'd route all
messages from source 'internal' to such a destination.

Bryan Henderson                                   San Jose, California

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