[syslog-ng] Log daemon for high volume of logs

Federico Petronio petrus at activesec.biz
Mon Jan 29 20:49:18 CET 2007

Dear list members,

I have a syslog (traditional) server that receives logs from a variety
of sources. Recently I added a new host to those that sends, but this
one generate high volume of logs. After adding this new one I notice
that many of the logs (form the new host and from the previous never
arrives to the syslog files). I did a little research and came to the
idea that syslog is not able to manage the large amount of logs.

I would like to know if syslog-ng is better than syslog in that subject.
  I know syslog-ng is better in other subjects, but currently I am
really urge to solve the high volume problem and that's why I interested
mainly in knowing about high volume support.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
                                        Federico Petronio
                                        petrus at activesec.biz

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