[syslog-ng] udp Error binding socket;

news gonzo news gonzo news_gonzo at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 25 18:06:21 CET 2007 is remote
If I don't need to enter the IP how can I send it to a specfic log ?

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is an IP address on your syslog-ng machine? or is the IP 
address of the remote machine?

the source {} config option tells syslog-ng which IP address to listen on, 
you do not need to enter the IP address of the remote host.


On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, news gonzo news gonzo wrote:

> Hello,
I have an error when I try to use a remote source 
I'm under RedHas AS3 Syslog2rc1.
my config is : 
source s_remote_fw {
         udp(ip( port(514));

And the error is :
Error binding socket; addr='AF_INET(', error='Cannot assign requested address (99)'
Error initializing source driver; source='s_remote_fw'

Thanks for your help

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