[syslog-ng] Forwarding + Spoofing = Errors & Dropped Packets?

Ivey, Chris Chris.ivey at acs-inc.com
Wed Jan 10 20:31:29 CET 2007

We took DNS out of the config, and had no change.  How do we go about seeing
if we are blocking on /proc/kmsg?


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On Wed, 2007-01-10 at 07:30 -0600, Ivey, Chris wrote:
> We are having a REALLY weird issue with syslog-ng that I need to
> request some assistance with resolving.  It has to do with forwarding
> and spoofing.  If I go into syslog-ng.conf and enable forwarding to my
> 3 remote servers along with spoofing, it causes issues on the server.
> First, the Recv-Q fills to capacity (as seen in "netstat -a | grep
> syslog").  Once that buffer fills, we start seeing "packet receive
> errors" (as seen in "netstat -su").  We have an INORDINATE amount of
> these errors (about 45%).  Observe:

syslog-ng is busy doing something and it causes not to read the UDP
receive buffers in a timely manner.

Can you check:
* syslog-ng is not blocking on DNS
* syslog-ng is not blocking on /proc/kmsg

or something else.


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