[syslog-ng] Re: file issues

Sandor Geller wildy at balabit.hu
Wed Sep 27 15:27:26 CEST 2006

Brian Loe wrote:
> So they have to match all of the filters?


> I want all of the messages from 4 or 5 devices to go to one log file.
> I created a filter for each using the netmask filter. I then used
> listed each of those filter commands in the log statement...
> It seems that if I add multiple netmask() statements to a single
> filter is doesn't work. If I had multiple filter() statements (with a
> single device each) to a log statement it doesn't work...

It is certainly misconfigured:

> filter f_vpn {
>        netmask( and
> netmask( and netmask(;
> };
> filter f_fire {
>        netmask( and
> netmask( and netmask(1.1.1
> .10/ and netmask(;
> };

These netmasks exclude each other. Use 'or', not 'and'.

Sandor Geller
wildy at balabit.hu

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