[syslog-ng] Re: file issues

Sandor Geller wildy at balabit.hu
Wed Sep 27 09:46:01 CEST 2006

Brian Loe wrote:
> Last time I'll respond to my own post - but I can't believe I didn't
> catch this. I hadn't listed every source for the proper destinations
> with the exception of the two files that were being opened.
> However, am I listing sources properly in the log statements?

It is syntactically correct. However, nobody can answer your question
properly (you are using the filter named f_fire which wasn't in your
previous posts, so I have to assume that you have modified your

Without knowing your current configuration I can only answer like this:
if a message comes from your any of the sources and matches all of the
filters then it will be logged through the destinations.

When you don't see logs, check with tcpdump whether the log packets
reach the syslog-ng server, do they contain the needed texts which the
filters match, and so on...

Sandor Geller
wildy at balabit.hu

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