[syslog-ng] connecting to syslog-ng

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at vafer.org
Sat Sep 23 09:35:30 CEST 2006

> 2. you can 'tune in' to the logging messages you want from anywhere

Haha! :-)

> I think its the latter that you would be interested in particularly.
> Although I have multicast logging setup here at work I have yett to get
> around to write the 'tuning in' perl script that will stream the logs to the
> local machine, so what you would type on the developer machines is:
> $ ./syslog-mc.pl 514 | grep cheese

That would be awesome! Exactly what I was after. Was more
thinking about a standard tcp/udp connection but why not multicast...

> which would display live all the lines with cheese that are being streamed to
> the multicast address (port 514).
> If you grovel suitably I'll get around to writing[1] the tuning in script
> sooner rather than later ;)


> Is this what you are after?  syslog-ng would still run on the logging box but
> you would broadcast to multicast groups your streams.

This sounds pretty good! ...I will check with my folks and then might begin
to grovel ...or to contribute ;-)


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