[syslog-ng] FAQ site down - found temporary home

catenate infosec at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 20:29:04 CEST 2006

The web site hosting the syslog-ng FAQ has been down for about two
days now. This will continue for about another day (or more) until the
telco guys come by and figure out where the line is broken.

Until it's back up, I recommend using the copy that I put on Splunk Base:


Once www.campin.net is back up, I'll evaluate how much sense it makes
to keep the FAQ in a wiki. So if you always wanted to update or
reformat the FAQ - now is your chance while the FAQ is on one. I'll
look closely at any mods made and be sure to keep the good ones.

Note that the page isn't formatted very well, and none of the old
links actually work. If you want anything from the old real site,
google's cache is your friend:

Input appreciated.

Nate Campi

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