[syslog-ng] problem with syslog-ng hanging on saturday after working all week

Steven Meacham smeacham at charter.net
Mon Sep 18 19:36:51 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Need help. My syslog-ng is hanging on Saturdays. It is like the service just
stops responding even though it is running. The system having the problem is
just basically a syslog bridging/filtering server. I am using syslog-ng to
accept syslog messages and filter for only what I need out of them, and then
forwarding them on. It is basiclly setup like below:


Webserver>>(udp 514)>syslog-ngfileterserver>>(udp1514)>Syslog Loghost


Any help you could give to a newbie about debugging or find the issue would
be great..Also any scripts to check the service and restart would be great


Steven Meacham

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