[syslog-ng] Tracking down a failure between NG and FIFO

Rob Munsch rmunsch at solutionsforprogress.com
Wed Sep 13 18:50:41 CEST 2006

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Antonín Faltýnek wrote:

> there is option log_fifo_size(); for syslog-ng that defines size of log queue 
> in number o messages, couldn't be you logserver overloaded?

Yah possibly; in the absence of any other changes, some Event that
spiked the volume would be what I expected to find.  But i can't find
anything in that time frame.

> for mysql I'm not using fifo that's mentioned everywhere on inet by I call 
> mysql as program (I've different table layout):

What version does that start appearing in?  I've still got 1.6.9 - i was
considering upgrading to the 2.0 branch, but not until I understand what
happened here.

Thanks for the info.  It's working now; took down stunnel, syslog, and
mysql, stared hard at all the configs for a bit, brought it all back up.
 Started working again.  I'd feel better if i knew why it is working
now, even more than finding out what broke before.

> Tonda Faltynek
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