[syslog-ng] AIX Syslog-ng 2.0rc3 does not reconnect after timout

Evan Rempel erempel at uvic.ca
Tue Oct 17 18:29:58 CEST 2006

OK, where do I go from here. The reconnect feature is mandatory to get TCP/IP syslog
functioning in a useful manner.


Evan Rempel wrote:
> Running Syslog-ng 2.0rc3 compiled on AIX 5.2 with xlc
> TCP connection to syslong-ng 1.6.9 on Linux.
> AIX config has
> options {
>         sync(0);
>         log_fifo_size(10000);
>         use_fqdn(yes);
>         keep_hostname(no);
>         chain_hostnames(no);
>         time_reap(60);
>         time_reopen(5);
> };
> When I hup the receiving syslong-ng, the TCP connection is dropped.
> The AIX syslog-ng 2.0rc3 does NOT reconnect after 5 seconds.
> sending a SIGHUP to the sylog-ng process causes it to reconnect, but
> the queued messages do not get sent.
> I am not sure if syslog-ng was unaware of the failed connection, 
> resulting in it not queueing the messages, or if syslong-ng dropped its 
> queued messages when it recieved a SIGHUP.
> local files continue to get the messages and remote udp continue to get 
> the messages, but they don't get delivered to the tcp destination.
> Evan.
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