[syslog-ng] Any non-commercial Windows tcp clients?

Alejandro Sierra elhefealejo at gmail.com
Sat Nov 18 00:27:12 CET 2006

Hi, i'm interested in the same.
The solution i've thought by now is using NTSyslog and Kiwi Together.
NTSyslog sends messages gotten from the EventViewer in UDP to localhost
where are recived by Kiwi who has the ability to send over TCP in the SSH
Tunnel (I use plink) .
By this moment i have a problem. Kiwi uses '\r' as separator for TCP
messages and Syslog-ng uses '\n', so when syslog-ng recives 5 messages in
one TCP message from a Kiwi, he only gets the syslog header from the 1st
message, and sees all the rest as part of the first one.
I accept critics(very welcolme).
PD: Sorry for my english.
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