[syslog-ng] timezones

Szeti, Balazs szeti.balazs at hp.com
Thu Nov 9 16:04:38 CET 2006


I'm trying to log messages with ISO timestamps from different timezones.
Example through TCP:
<140>2006-11-05T05:15:15+01:00 1 2 3
<140>2006-11-05T05:15:15+02:00 1 2 3
<140>2006-11-05T05:15:15+03:00 1 2 3 

The syslog-ng's node is in +01:00 timzone. I left all the time_zone() on

Template used:
template t_year { template("$S_ISODATE $R_ISODATE $S_HOUR: $MSGONLY\n");

Result in the log:
2006-11-05T05:15:15.000000+01:00 2006-11-09T16:12:10+01:00 05: 2 3
2006-11-05T07:15:15.000000+02:00 2006-11-09T16:11:41+01:00 07: 2 3
2006-11-05T09:15:15.000000+03:00 2006-11-09T16:12:37+01:00 09: 2 3 

There's nothing wrong with the R_ISODATE, but I don't understand the
S_ISODATE. When I log with the syslog-ng node timezone it writes the
right value, but when I change the timezone in the TCP message the
S_HOUR increases! I would like to see the original timestamp from the
message and the R_ISODATE right next to each other. 
Why is the S_ISODATE increased?
Can S_HOUR now be used in file name templates???

Thanks in advance,
Balazs Szeti

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