[syslog-ng] Creating a named pipe (FIFO)

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Technically, it's not a "file" but a named pipe.  That means it doesn't take
up space on the disk.  It's a stream that allows you to connect to and read
information that is being presented on it.  Once you have the
/var/syslog-ng/syslog_fifo named pipe created, you can refer to it by name
in the configuration files.  I've never used a named pipe in syslog-ng (I
have in other programs), so I don't know if you use the same command that
you would to reference a file name.  In the Micromuse Syslog Probe, you have
to use a different parameter name to specify a named pipe than you would for
a file.

Check the syslog-ng docs to see what the command would be to specify a named
pipe.  It's possible it's the same command.

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Does that just create the file, which is then used as the destination?

Is that how it works?

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> Hi Timothy,
> Insted of putting mkfifo into the syslog-ng.conf, add the command
> 'mkfifo /var/syslog-ng/syslog_fifo' from a command prompt when you are
> root.
> regards,
> Péter
> > Does the name of the named pipe need to be the same as the destination
> line
> > mkfifo splunk;
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