[syslog-ng] sylog-ng hangs after upgrade to 1.9.9

Cristian Livadaru drac3 at vwclub.ro
Tue Mar 14 20:22:24 CET 2006

Quoting Jesse Molina <jesse at opendreams.net>:

> I had this same problem a week or two ago and had to downgrade.  Two 
> separate systems with very similar configs both showed this behavior. 
>  A few messages were logged, then after fifteen minutes or less, no 
> more output.  The process was running but nobody was home.
> I regret that I didn't bug it, but I just don't have time on the side 
> to deal with it right now.
> The system is Debian GNU/Linux, Unstable, on i386.

same for me Debian unstable
I can't risc to put back the 1.9.9 version I can just hope it is 
reproduceable on my testserver which has been upgraded today.
I only have a strace of mailq which then hangs while trying to access /dev/log
want me to send this? else if the error occours on the testserver I can 
do watever trace or test you need.

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