[syslog-ng] Remote hosts logging as loopback, not hostname

Rob Munsch rmunsch at solutionsforprogress.com
Fri Mar 10 20:59:08 CET 2006


Knowing next t'nothing about openssl, stunnel, and syslog-ng, i've 
gotten a central loghost going with one remote client.  Poking into 
MySQL is via:
INSERT INTO logs (host, facility, priority  ... VALUES ( 
'$HOST','$FACILITY','$PRIORITY'... )etc.
with all the $MACROS you'd expect.
However.  The messages from the remote host always seem to appear as!

My question is: is it because of something i am or am not doing in 
syslog?  I am not logging remote messages to any local logs, something 
that only dawned on me after i had it all running.  Instead, I am doing 

    # Sending to the MySQL table
    log {

    # ... as well as remote client messages
    log {

which, i realize, may inspire laughing.  or not.  It seemed like a good 
idea at the time, as the idea was to have every individual hosts' logs 
be 'personal,' and the database be the amalgam.

I am starting to suspect stunnel, however, as well:

    source stunnel {
            tcp(ip(           <<=== !

is THAT why remote messages are being stamped with a $HOST of the 
loopback address?  Is it a combination of both factors, neither, 
something else entirely...?  I'm prepared to go bug the stunnel list 
too, if necessary :D.



Rob Munsch
Solutions For Progress IT

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