[syslog-ng] syslog-ng with samba

Jesse Molina jesse at opendreams.net
Thu Mar 9 06:16:19 CET 2006

Perhaps your samba daemons are writing directly to log files and not 
routing through syslog, as you apparently want them to.  Grep your 
smb.conf files for "log"  There is an option, "syslog=1" to enable it, 
which is the default.

Otherwise, perhaps your filter is not matching the messages, thus not 
being routed to the destination option like you desire.

I use something like;

filter f_samba_smbd { program("smbd.*"); };
filter f_samba_nmbd { program("nmbd.*"); };

Dev Anand wrote:
> Hi All ,
> Well I have a good and working version of syslog-ng with phpsyslog
> enabled and reports properly generated.
> There is only one issue . I have three different samba servers which
> are not sending their logs but I get other logs from the same servers
> like cron and logins and other stuff.
> Please advise.
> Thanks in  advance.
> Regards
> Deva
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