[syslog-ng] rotating logs at 12:00 noon

Navin Jathan Navin.Jathan at adventity.com
Tue Mar 7 08:20:17 CET 2006


I am new to syslog-ng. I am not a programmer, but configuration of
syslog-ng feels like I programming something!!! Wish I could get over
this soon!!


Apart from normal logging operation, I use syslog-ng to log PIX firewall
logs from the network. Following is the configuration file:


filter f_11 {

        facility(local0) and level(debug..emerg);



destination d_8 {



log { source(local); filter(f_11); destination(d_8); };


This would typically rotate the logs at 12:00 at midnight daily.

But I need to rotate the logs at 12:00 noon daily. Is it possible to
configure syslog-ng in this manner? How do I do it?


I had unsuccessfully tried to use logrotate with the native syslog
utility in Linux. Do I have to use logrotate here again?


Thanks in Advance,


Navin Jathan.


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