[syslog-ng] Re: syslog-ng Digest, Vol 16, Issue 5

Gellér Sándor wildy at balabit.hu
Wed Aug 9 16:41:27 CEST 2006

Fernando Loureiro wrote:
> Here is my syslog-ng.conf

As I said your configuration is incomplete: userspace processes doesn't
log through /proc/kmsg. Please add at least the following source:

source src {
        unix-stream("/dev/log" max_connections(100));
        file("/proc/kmsg" log_prefix("kernel: "));

Drop the kernsrc source (that name is misleading!), replace "kernsrc"
with "src" everywhere in your log statements, and reload/restart syslog-ng.

Gellér Sándor
wildy at balabit.hu

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