[syslog-ng] Syslog file to Mysql

Dukes Clayton Clayton.Dukes at HCAhealthcare.com
Tue Apr 25 16:09:03 CEST 2006

Take a look at php-syslog-ng

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Hello All,

Have a question I hope someone can help with.

Currently I have Syslog-ng running logging to a mysql db along with
keeping files.  This is working well.  I have a situation where I can
not log to the box directly.  I need to "pull" the logs to the central
log server and import them into the db.  As syslogd and syslog-ng do not
log all the needed fields by default like facility:level and year, when
they are writing them local I need a way to add that to the file.

The second problems is how to import them to the db.  Is there any tool
that will do this for me automatically?

Thanks for the assistance.
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