[syslog-ng] Problem with setup of syslog-ng loghost in HA environment

Berthold Cogel cogel at rrz.uni-koeln.de
Wed Oct 19 16:25:24 CEST 2005


We want to set up a syslog-ng in a HA Cluster (Red Hat Clumanager).
The Cluster has two nodes for failover of services with attached shared 
storage from our SAN.
The idea was to use syslog-ng only for the loghost. Local logging on all 
machines is done by standard syslog and forwarded to the loghost. The 
loghost uses his own IP which is handed over from one node to the other 
in case of a failover situation.

It is not a problem to get the loghost running. The problem is the 
logging on the cluster node that is the current loghost. Although syslog 
doesn't log remote messages and syslog-ng binds to another (virtual) 

We have an old loghost with syslog, where our systems send parts of 
their messages. This works, even for the system, syslog-ng is running 
on. I can see the udp packets with ethereal. But there is no syslog 
traffic to the second IP or localhost. Only 'external' messages get 
logged with syslog-ng

The system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. syslog-ng is 1.6.8.

Thanks in advance

Berthold Cogel

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