[syslog-ng] How does regex work with HOST definitions?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at trimble.co.nz
Sun Oct 2 23:41:22 CEST 2005

catenate wrote:

>     Has anyone any idea about this? It looks to me that regex don't
>     work on
>     the "host()" options at all. I have mine set to a regex, and it's
>     capturing all sorts of traffic from other syslog clients that don't
>     match :-(
> Remove the backslashes before the hyphens - you'd only need to do that
> inside a character class, e.g. [a-z\-] to match any of a through z and
> hyphen. Outside a character class it means itself (or if it's the
> first character in a character class and not escaped, like this [-a-z]).

Didn't help I'm afraid. I've got

host ("-ids-")

and it's still picking up data from boxes who don't contain "-ids-" in
their hostname.

One thing I didn't mention is that all the incorrect hosts being picked
up have their syslogs "routed" through another syslog-ng server running
on a host that does match "-ids-", could that be a cause?


hostname.my.network -- syslog-ng ---> host-ids-01.my.network --
syslog-ng --> my.central.syslog.server

and my.central.syslog.server is logging entries from hostname.my.network
as if it matches host("-ids-").

This is a bit of an issue as it means I'm ended up with records being
recorded incorrectly 2-4 times - I'm running out of diskspace! (around
15G a week now when it should be 5G)


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