[syslog-ng] specifying hostname for unix-stream sources

william.batt at abnamro.com william.batt at abnamro.com
Fri Jun 17 16:29:30 CEST 2005

On 06/17 08:19 AM, Nate Campi <nate at campin>net> wrote:

>On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 09:28:09AM -0500, william>batt at abnamro>com wrote:
>> This may sound like a strange request, but I would like to override the
>> default hostname for messages originating from unix-stream sources> The
>> hostname (understandably) defaults to the server hostname>  For
>> "corporate" reasons I cannot change the hostname but need the syslog-ng
>> messages to contain the hostname of a subinterface associated with my
>> application>  Also for "corporate" reasons I cannot completely replace
>> syslog but need to run syslog-ng in parallel with it using separate
>> sockets (e>g>, /dev/log-ng)>  Is this possible?
>Use templates and specify the hostname manually:
>source s_internal { unix-stream("/dev/log"); };
>destination d_file {
>        file("/var/log/messages" template("$ISODATE corphost $PROGRAM 
>log {
>        source(s_internal); destination(d_file);
>Pretty simple>
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>of assembly language with the power of assembly language>" 
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Yes, simple for one destination but laborious for many.  I was hoping 
there was some way to force it with undocumented environment variables or 
command line options.  For a potential future enhancement, a configuration 
syntax similar to one of the following would be nice:

source s_local { unix-stream("/dev/log-ng" hostname("virtualHostName") ); 


options { myhostname("virtualHostName") ; };

I'm willing to propose a patch if people think it would be of general 



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