[syslog-ng] Hostnames on output!

mrgenius mrgenius420 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 11:13:47 CEST 2005

hi All!
 I am running syslog-ng logging in msyql database with phpsyslog-ng as front 
 Now i have 1 problem. The Devices which are sending logs don't have any 
hostnames associated with them nor i am running any DNS server. As a result 
the listing of hosts i am getting are in the form of IP addresses of hosts.
 Is it possible to show hostname against IP adresses?? Like x.x.x.x will be 
shown as ABC-ROUTER ??
 if i define ABC-Router as x.x.x..x in /etc/hosts .. what configuration do i 
need to make in syslog-ng.conf??
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