[syslog-ng] match(regex) problem

Staszek Pitucha viraptor at kni.prz.rzeszow.pl
Sat Dec 17 22:14:17 CET 2005

I've tried to setup some filters lately (v1.9.7).
There's a problem with regex character ^. For example I want to filter 
out "Accepted password" and my home ip from sshd logs, so I setup:

filter f_sshd {
   (program("sshd") and not (
     (match("Accepted password") and match("from 123\.456\.789\.012")) or
     // other rules
   )) or
     not program("sshd");

Works ok, but I want to filter only messages starting with "Accepted 
password", but "^Accepted password" doesn't work.

Yes - I know - don't use ^, so it's faster. Anyway - "^Accepted" should 
work as a match pattern and it doesn't. (it should match only the "text" 
part of message, am I right?)


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