[syslog-ng]logging to a named pipe?

Michael Rash syslog-ng@lists.balabit.hu
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 23:25:44 -0400

On Sep 02, 2004, Loic Minier wrote:

> Michael Rash <mbr@cipherdyne.org> - Wed, Sep 01, 2004:
> > I would like to use syslog-ng to log priority info kernel messages
> > to a named pipe, and I seem to have an issue with defining a correct
> > filter.
> > But, the addition of the kern facility in the filter seems to cause
> > syslog-ng to not open the named pipe (lsof returns nothing).
>  Where are your kernel messages coming from?  Do they really have the "kern"
>  facility?

Well, I think that kernel message do come from the kern facility (is
this configurable?).

The strange thing is that using either of the following two filters
works perfectly:

    filter f_kerninfo { facility(kern); };


    filter f_kerninfo { level(info); };

But, when I combine the filters with an "and" like:

    filter f_kerninfo { facility(kern) and level(info); };

syslog-ng seems to not be able to open the named pipe.  Why does the
"and" condition matter?  The syslog-ng reference manual seems to
indicate that it should support this.


Michael Rash
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