[syslog-ng]libol license?

Balazs Scheidler syslog-ng@lists.balabit.hu
Sat, 01 May 2004 13:20:33 +0200

2004-04-30, p keltezéssel 19:33-kor atonns@mail.ivillage.com ezt írta:
> Bazsi,
> Thanks for your reply. It's interesting that you'd use the GPL instead
> of the LGPL for libol. GPL for libraries will "infect" any code that
> links to it, forcing it to be GPL as well. Any particular motivation
> for that?

libol was derived from lsh


And lsh is GPLd as well. I've tried to make libol a bit more general
than the original code in lsh, though the fact that libol is only used
by syslog-ng certainly does not help, nor the fact that I don't have too
much time devoted to syslog-ng.

> I'm also wondering if there's any documentation (english) for libol -
> I don't see any on your site. This site
> (http://www.usinglinux.org/devel/libol.html) is the 3rd link on Google
> when searching for "libol documentation". I'm trying to hunt down how
> signals are handled for childen of syslog-ng and it's a blurry line
> where syslog-ng ends and libol begins (this is related to the other
> thread about sec.pl). Any info you might have would be helpful.

lsh has a file named "HACKING" it contains some information about the
framework libol provides.

However the 1.9.x branch of syslog-ng is now independent of libol, the
main reason being that the framework provided by libol might be a bit
'cryptic' to somebody who only understands C (and not scheme),
especially the continuation part. 

libol does not have signal handling, it is done in syslog-ng's main.c
file, more exactly the sig_child() function.

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