[syslog-ng]Current stable syslog-ng + libol

Loic Minier syslog-ng@lists.balabit.hu
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 19:14:30 +0100


 (Thank you for syslog-ng.)

 I'd like to build the current stable version of syslog-ng, I've seen
 syslog-ng-1.4.17 on the balabit's website (following the "stable"
 link) and built with libol-0.2.24 (following INSTALL's instructions).

 However, Freshmeat has 1.5 as stable and 1.9 as dev, Debian has 1.5 as
 stable, 1.6 in testing and unstable, ...

 What versions are considered "stable"?  I particularly need template()
 which doesn't fit in the conf -- neither does log_msg_size() -- right
 now.  While we're at it, what is the appropriate version of libol for
 this syslog-ng?


Loc Minier <lool@dooz.org>