[syslog-ng]Problem in host() filter

Balazs Scheidler syslog-ng@lists.balabit.hu
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 08:19:51 +0100

2004-02-16, h keltezéssel 11:31-kor Salim Pathan ezt írta:
> hi,
> i'm working on a project based on syslog-ng since last one year...i'm
> using "host()" filter function to separate logs coming from different
> hosts...
> "use_dns()" option is set to "NO",which means the incoming logs will
> be filtered based on IP address in place of hostname....now the
> problem is 
> that syslog-ng is unable to separate logs coming from host IP
> "" and "".....
> how can i separate logs from hosts having similar IP addresses, as in
> above case?

of course you can. the host macro accepts a regular expression and you
can use '$' as the end of line: e.g.


note the escaping of dots as otherwise they match _any_ character.
again, this is a regexp.

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