[syslog-ng]Syslog-ng, Mysql, and Cisco routers

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This may be a problem of somewhat different semantics between Cisco IOS and
syslog-ng configuration speak.

In IOS logging trap debug says send all messages of priority debug (the
lowest possible) and higher to the logging host ( in this case.)

Syslog-ng syntax says if you say priority debug you mean only that priority.

I suspect that if you enable yourself on a *test* router and turn on some
debugging you will see the messages in the log file. BTW, unless you are
attached directly to the router console port, you will need to issue the IOS
command term monitor in order to see the debug output locally. Be real
careful about debugging a router under a heavy load since it can quickly
turn into a self-eating doughnut and disappear into its own hole :(


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          I have syslog-ng installed on all of my Linux boxes, logging to a
mysql database. (This works)  I would like to configure one of my Cisco
routers to send syslog messages to this database as well.  I have modified
my syslog-ng.conf file on the mysql database box to include the following

Facility filters

filter f_cisco { facility(local7) and priority(debug); };

destination d_cisco {file(" file("/var/log/cisco")' };

log { source(net); filter(f_cisco); destination(d_cisco); };

I have issued the following commands on my router:

logging facility local7
logging trap debug
logging on

Needless to say, it isn't working.  Why else would I be sending this
message.  Is there anyone logging their Cisco syslog messages to a mysql
database?  If so, how can I do it on Redhat Linux?  Any help would be
greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Kevin Rothwell

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