[syslog-ng]Syslog-ng, Mysql, and Cisco routers

Kevin Rothwell syslog-ng@lists.balabit.hu
Fri, 6 Feb 2004 14:03:01 -0500

          I have syslog-ng installed on all of my Linux boxes, logging =
to a mysql database. (This works)  I would like to configure one of my =
Cisco routers to send syslog messages to this database as well.  I have =
modified my syslog-ng.conf file on the mysql database box to include the =
following lines:

Facility filters

filter f_cisco { facility(local7) and priority(debug); };

destination d_cisco {file(" file("/var/log/cisco")' };

log { source(net); filter(f_cisco); destination(d_cisco); };

I have issued the following commands on my router:

logging facility local7
logging trap debug
logging on

Needless to say, it isn't working.  Why else would I be sending this =
message.  Is there anyone logging their Cisco syslog messages to a mysql =
database?  If so, how can I do it on Redhat Linux?  Any help would be =
greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Kevin Rothwell