[syslog-ng]bug report: interlaced messages

Thomas Morin syslog-ng@lists.balabit.hu
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 08:49:48 +0200

Quote Balazs Scheidler <bazsi@balabit.hu>:
 | On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 01:34:48PM +0200, Thomas Morin wrote:
 | > PS: this is syslog-ng 1.6.0, version 1.6.0rc1+20030310 (debian
 | package),
 | > running on Linux 2.6.0-test5
 | This was exactly the thing that caused this many rc releases. Please use
 | 1.6.0rc3 which has this problem fixed.

Well the other bug ("unparsable bug report") also produces some 
interlaced syslog messages. And this one occurs on a system
which _is_ running syslog-ng 1.6.0rc3.

So I would tend to believe there might be some problem left with messages not
terminated by NULL, or larger than log_msg_size.



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