[syslog-ng]Information Request - GLPed

Aaron Jackson syslog-ng@lists.balabit.hu
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 14:05:59 -0400

Basically, GPL says you can do whatever you want with the source code 
for whatever purpose so long as you don't sell it.  If you change the 
source code and distribute the changed source code, you must make the 
changes available.  If you are using syslog-ng for academic work (in 
house and free), then there should be no license issues regardless of 
how you use it.  I'm sure somebody will fine tune my interpretation is 
if it is too of base...

Rui Teixeira wrote:

> It appears that Syslog-ng is really what i'm looking for. With 
> Syslog-ng i do not need to change the code of the services (pop3, ssh, 
> etc) so that they can generate to the syslog facility the log in XML 
> format. If i can make a template in Syslog-ng, my work is simplified 
> and inforced in quality.
> My question now is in the GPLed licensing. For what i know this kind 
> of licensing makes me possible to change the code (even if i don't 
> need) and distribute it freely (even if my intentions are only to make 
> an academic work). For this i only need to state that the code was 
> changed and offer no warraty, right??.
> So the bottom line is that i can use freely the code of Syslog-ng to 
> the academic work? (and it appears that i only need to make the template).
> (i have no ideas at least for now to make the final program commercial)
> Thanks again for your help
> RR
> >You would not need to modify the source, as you can use a template to
> >format the log messages in xml or in any other syntax (sql, html, ...) 
> >However, if you look at the source, you can see that it is GPLed.
> >
> >Rui Teixeira wrote:
> >>/ This is just a quick example of the possibilities of crossing the
> />>/ information in a quick and easy way.
> />>/ 
> />>/ The main reason for me to write to this list is my interest in using
> />>/ Syslog-ng to generate (if possible) my XML format and to send the 
> data
> />>/ to a secure machine where the infrormation will be kept.
> />>/ 
> />>/ My biggest questions are:
> />>/                                     -  can i change the syslog-ng 
> code
> />>/ to a academic work
> />>/                                     -  does the team behind 
> syslog-ng
> />>/ intend to make a simmilar system in a near future
> />>/                                     -  and if is it viable to use
> />>/ Syslog-ng to write my XML standard and send it to a secure machine
> />>/ 
> />>/ Thanks in advance
> />>/ 
> />>/ Rui Teixeira
> /