[syslog-ng]DNS Problem?

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Actually all systems are using Veritas Volume Manager to mirror the

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On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 03:45:46PM -0700, Glasser, Rob wrote:
> Wow, old thread of mine.=20
> It appears to be disk/load related on the syslog server itself. These
> messages only appear in the middle of the night when a find job runs
> on the directories and files syslog-ng writes to and deletes old files
> (syslog-ng writes to files with a datestamp in the filename).  When I
> don't run this script I don't have any problems.  Funny thing is this
> happens on my boxes that are Netra 1125's, dual 400Mhz procs, 18GB
> 10000 RPM disks, but doesn't happen on my boxes that are Ultra 1's,
> single 84Mhz prco, 9GB 7200 RPM disks.  Go figure.  We're moving this
> stuff onto new hardware on a SAN so hopefully the problems will go
> away then.

Wild guess, are you using disksuite to mirror/manage those fast disks?
That'll slow things way the hell down and take up all your CPU time when
funning find.

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