[syslog-ng]Flood Protection

Rule, Ted syslog-ng@lists.balabit.hu
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:27:54 -0000

Surely one can code round that little problem.

Instead of maintaining a history table which records the number
of times the last message has been received, one records the
number of times in the last N seconds that a given client's
last message has been repeated. The history table, instead of
being one count, and one string buffer, becomes an array indexed
by clients of with each item containing a count and a buffer
and a timestamp.

Obviously the table would have to be size limited and probably
idle-time-purged, to avoid it eating up resource.


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> > I want to have the same as that:
> > Nov 18 15:58:56 tv2 user: allwaysthesame
> > Nov 18 15:58:56 tv2 last message repeated 137 times
> >=20
> One problem with this feature is that it can only work if the last 137
> syslog events to occur were the same event. We run a large centralized
> syslog server environment, with lots of syslog clients, and=20
> as such this
> sort of limiting feature never really gets to work, as it's quite rare
> for one event to occur record after record without some other client
> squirting in a new record.=20
> Oh well...
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