[syslog-ng]Regarding Php-Syslog-NG

Perriero, Robert A. syslog-ng@lists.balabit.hu
Mon, 07 Jul 2003 12:37:39 -0400

ok, i have everything set up, and syslog-ng is working very nicely. 
Problem is that the script that runs to move logs from named pipe 
in /tmp to the mysql server does not work from cron. It works 
succesfully from a putty window, but that defeats the purpose. Does 
anyone have a working shell script for php-syslog-ng? My OS is Solaris 
9 (SPARC). If anyone has this, could you please email me as soon as 
possible? Thanks in advance.
Robert Perriero

PS. Please don't send me the existing MySQL script that's currently on 
vermeer.org as that's the one I'm using. I need an updated script, or I 
need advice on how to get this to work correctly.