[syslog-ng]more syslog_ng config file on HP-UX ...

Ola.Fjallman@adb.ds.sll.se Ola.Fjallman@adb.ds.sll.se
Thu, 6 Feb 2003 07:44:47 +0100

Hello again,

after reading docs and asking around I produced following config file : 

options { sync(0); time_reopen(10); log_fifo_size(100); };
source stdlog {
        pipe("/dev/log" pad_size(2048));
        tcp(ip("") port(514));

destination everything {
        udp("" port(999));
        tcp("" port(999));
        file("/tmp/logfile" sync(0) log_fifo_size(10));             

log { source(stdlog); destination(everything); };

But when running syslog_ng I get this error :

parse error at 3
Parse error reading configuration file, exiting.

I'm running HP-UX 11.11 on my server.

By the way, udp and tcp, is there any reason for running both?