[syslog-ng]localport binding...

Robert D. Beal rdbeal@bellatlantic.net
Sun, 15 Sep 2002 20:16:13 -0400

I'm trying to get syslog-ng (1.5.20) to use 514 as its source port when 
using the udp destination driver as follows:

   <<Following taken from my syslog-ng.conf>>

     source s_sys { unix-stream("/dev/log"); internal(); };
     destination d_syslog { udp("" destport(514) localport(514)); };
     log { source(s_src); destination(d_syslog); };

but it always seems to send the syslog udp datagrams using the next 
available non-privileged port as its source (>1024).  I'm running as root 
(on RedHat 7.3) and syslogd is not running.  Syslog-ng doesn't choke on the 
config, so I'm assuming its not a syntax problem, but I just can't seem to 
get it to use 514 as its source port?!   Does anyone have any ideas what I 
may be doing wrong here?  Or is it just silently ignoring my request to use 
port 514?