[syslog-ng]crashbug fix in recent syslog-ng versions

Hamilton, Andrew Andrew.Hamilton@afccc.af.mil
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:38:11 -0500

Well with a couple of changes I got it to work correctly on Solaris 8 x86.
I ran configure a bunch of times with various corrections to configure.in
because I originally got the HAVE_RES_INIT problem like the others did.
Then of course the link problem with -lresolv came up during the compile.
But I used the patch that Andrey sent for acconfig.h then I added a line to
configure.in and voila! it worked perfectly for me "out of the box" so to

*** configure.in.orig   Tue Oct 29 20:00:52 2002
--- configure.in        Tue Oct 29 20:20:34 2002
*** 151,156 ****                                
--- 151,157 ----                                
  if test "x$blb_cv_c_res_init" = "xyes"; then  
+       LIBS="$LIBS -lresolv"                   
  dnl Checks for library functions.

That's all it took.  This may work for some others that are having the
-lresolv link error.  I saw where it looked like it was checking for
res_init twice, once it said yes then the next time it said no, I think what
it is doing the first time it is looking for the function definition inside
the header and the next time it is looking inside libresolv because when the
line above was added it said "yes" both times instead of "no" the second



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> > I have found two problems which are the possible cause of the crashes
> > reported on this list. expect a new release soon if the fixes below
> > to be effective.
> I am very happy to report that 1.5.23+libol-0.3.5 are running just fine
> in my environment.  Before I discovered 1.5.23 was available I had
> already tested 1.5.21+the sources.c patch, and that worked for me as
> well.
> Thanks very much for taking the time to stomp this bug out of existence!

cool, and thanks for testing the fix. if syslog-ng 1.5.23 proves to be
stable, I'll release 1.6.0

Could you - not specifically you, rather the list - please test the
configure.in changes as well on different platforms?

I've tested it on Debian GNU/Linux, and Solaris 8 (Linux on x86, Solaris on

A test on one of the BSDs and HP-UX would be welcome.

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