[syslog-ng]Syslog is spamming up my console

Franz.Bettag/SOFTWERK/DE%BIG@big.de Franz.Bettag/SOFTWERK/DE%BIG@big.de
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 10:58:33 +0200

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i have syslog-ng running with filtering my iptables ouput correctly.
no i don't like that it spams up my console (tty).

i've already removed the console and console=5Fall destination..

does anybody know a solution?

Mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen

Dipl.-Ing. Ernst A. Bettag e. K.

Franz Bettag

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<br><font size=3D2 face=3D"sans-serif">hi,</font>
<br><font size=3D2 face=3D"sans-serif">i have syslog-ng running with filter=
ing my iptables ouput correctly.</font>
<br><font size=3D2 face=3D"sans-serif">no i don't like that it spams up my =
console (tty).</font>
<br><font size=3D2 face=3D"sans-serif">i've already removed the console and=
 console=5Fall destination..</font>
<br><font size=3D2 face=3D"sans-serif">does anybody know a solution?</font>
<br><font size=3D2 face=3D"sans-serif"><br>
Mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen<br>
Dipl.-Ing. Ernst A. Bettag e. K.<br>
Franz Bettag<br>
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