[syslog-ng]How can I get logs without date,time hostname and facility ?

alexch alexch@gc.lviv.ua
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 17:02:38 +0300

I have correct this line in my syslog-ng.conf

destination hosts {
template("$MSG\n") owner(root) group(root) perm(0600) dir_perm(0700)
create_dirs(yes)); };

and now log looks like this

squid: 1033739673.117  10818 TCP_REFRESH_MISS/200 19595 GET
http://lists.balabit.hu/pipermail/syslog-ng/ - DIRECT/ text/html
squid: 1033739687.778   3124 TCP_MISS/200 180 GET - DIRECT/ text/html

I need exclude word "squid" from logs, it need for SQRMGLOG. It doesn't work
correctly with this log

How ?????????

Alexander Chernyh
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The Publishing House "Galitsky Kontrakty"

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