[syslog-ng]log option "final" question

Jason Price jprice@cyberbuzz.gatech.edu
Wed, 15 May 2002 09:35:42 -0400

When I use the "final" flag in a log statement, does that mean:

1) All log statements listed later will not be used at all


2) All log messages matching all the filters in that log statement will not
be processed by log statements listed later


The documentation isn't quite clear (from logpath.html):

	This flag means that the processing of log statements ends here.
	Note that this doesn't necessarily mean that matching messages will
	be stored once, as they can be matching log statements processed
	prior the current one. 

It seems to imply the second definition, and the first one makes little
sense at all.  This really is just a request for clarification in the docs
I guess.