[syslog-ng]Syslog-ng and Mysql

Michael Earls [email protected]
Mon, 06 May 2002 11:13:39 -0400

what ver of syslog-ng?

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	Yes that is actually what I have in my script is INSERT just a
typo in the messages. 


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	Hello Toby, 

	Should'nt it be 'template("INSERT INTO...'? 



	Saturday, May 04, 2002, 1:14:08 AM, you wrote: 

	> Can someone help me? 
> I have syslog ng running perfectly getting all info from all of my
hosts. I would like to take this one step farther and start adding it to
a mysql data base. I have made the mysql.pipe using

	> mkfifo and add the following lines to my syslog ng.conf: 

	> destination d_mysql { 
pipe("/etc/mysql.pipe" template("INSET INTO logs(host, facility,
priority, level, tag, date, time, program, msg) VALUES('$HOST',

$MSG');\n") template escape(yes)); 
> }; 

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