[syslog-ng]Doing a regex substitution in syslog-ng

Donavan Pantke avatar@dcr.net
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 21:20:43 -0400

=09Hey guys, I'm trying to make a syslog-ng solution to recieve logs from=
custom java apps that output syslog data, but I have an issue. Our=20
programmers have already defined a format for their messages, and our log=
parsers expect this format. I can pass the data around syslog systems, bu=
t at=20
the destination file, I need to strip off the syslog headers to leave me =
the raw message that was came out of the ajva app. I was hoping that I co=
do something akin to a filter that did a regex substitution to modify the=
message to make it look pretty. Is this possible, and if not, is there an=
other way of pulling this off?

=09Donavan Pantke