[syslog-ng]feature request

Nate Campi nate@campin.net
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 12:30:56 -0700

Feature request: (I know you get lots of these from me, sorry Baszi ;)

Can output from programs started by syslog-ng get logged by syslog-ng to
the logs, perhaps under the syslog facility with the program name as the
TAG field:

 Jun  5 12:15:04 hostname swatch[15895]: syntax error at /root/.swatch_script.1395 line 1581, near "."

Or use syslog-ng as the TAG and put the actual program just after:

 Jun  5 12:15:04 hostname syslog-ng[15892]: swatch: syntax error at /root/.swatch_script.1395 line 1581, near "."

I have a separate log architecture I setup for our networking devices,
and the network engineers maintain it. The problem is that they didn't
know swatch wasn't running due to swatch errors, and swatch is started
from syslog-ng (as described here:

Having the swatch errors caught and logged would even have allowed me to
send an alert on it via some filters using "match()", or at least been
easy for the network staff to see in the logs. They're good with ciscos
but not as good with UNIX ;)
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