[syslog-ng]Splitting routerlogs from servers

Gregor Binder gb@rootnexus.net
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:39:32 +0100

Michael Renner on Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 05:18:43PM +0100:


> This is a very ugly setup because i always have to add new servers to the 
> f_server filter, otherwise it would get logged in the router/unknown dir
> Is there a better way to solve this with one ip address or should i add a 
> secondary interface to the server and let the routers log to the second ip?

if you have the option to add an IP-alias to the existing interface, I
guess this would be the best way to go. Otherwise, if you run syslog-ng
on your servers as well, you could make them log to another port.

In both cases, you would define two different network sources.


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