[syslog-ng]log files showing short name.

Yan Lau ylau@globix.net
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:05:45 -0500


I am using syslog-ng 1.5.14.  I am trying to get the log messages to display the
full hostname instead of the short name.

For instance,

Feb  4 10:06:42 mailhost su: 'su toto' succeeded for ylau on /dev/pts/0

We have several servers with the name "mailhost" so I would like it to show
mailhost.nyc1.globix.net so I can tell which one it is.

Here are the options I have set:

options { sync (0);
          time_reopen (10);
          log_fifo_size (1000);
          create_dirs (yes);
          chain_hostnames (no);
          use_dns (no);
          use_fqdn (yes);

Where is it picking up the short name and how can I get it to show the full
name?  Sometimes the log shows IP addresses, that is OK.