[syslog-ng]log rotation not completing

Len Conrad LConrad@Go2France.com
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 04:52:24 -0600

FreeBSD 4.5R and syslog-ng 1.1.14.

We have FreeBSD newsyslog rotate /var/log/maillog and 
/var/log/pop-before-smtp at 00:00. the rotation is working, we get the 
.0.gz files and new log files, but newsyslog-ng is apparently not receiving 
or reacting to the -HUP or whatever newsyslog sends after rotating the 
files, so logging to the new files stops at 00:00.

We don't have this problem with FreeBSD syslogd.

We run syslog-ng witht the standard .conf file delivered with the FreeBSD 
package and installed with pkg_add, with a couple of our lines added for 

eg, the pop-before-smtp log shows :

Feb 15 00:00:00 buzzard newsyslog[2885]: logfile turned over
Feb 15 03:13:45 ns1 POP3D (0000066C) logon success for nnn navymars.org 

no logging until we -HUP manually at 3:13.  same situ with maillog.



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