[syslog-ng]syslog-ng mysteriously exits

Ed Ravin eravin@panix.com
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 00:02:15 -0500 (EST)

John Coke writes:
> Syslog-ng-1.4.14 on a redhat 7.2 server is mysteriously crashing/exiting and
> I am having trouble tracing the problem.  There is no core and when I run
> the service in debug, it does not exit.  It normally exits within 2 or three
> hours.  What can I do next to try and find the problem?

Have you tried attaching to it with strace?  That will slow it down, but
it won't change any code paths like the -d option does.  Do something
like "strace -o outputfile -p <syslog-ng-process" and see what's in
"outputfile" after syslog-ng exits (if it indeed does exit).  If you
don't have the disk space, you could kill the strace process every hour
or so and restart it - the daemon being traced shouldn't notice anything.