[syslog-ng]Cisco PIX TCP syslog stream format - and UDP truncation.

Ted_Rule@flextech.co.uk Ted_Rule@flextech.co.uk
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 12:58:22 +0100

I have a little problem with a PIX using UDP syslog to an old syslogd server,
 which I'm hoping members of the list may be able to assist me with.

Some time ago, I noticed that some of the bigger messages were being truncated.
Further investigation suggested that Cisco were imposing a 256 character limit
messages sent via syslog.  The problem is rarely seen - mostly it shows up with
key renewal messages which happen to be very long.

After several "oh yes it does, oh no it doesn't" rounds of trying to convince
our suppliers,
and in turn Cisco - who initially swore blind they couldn't reproduce the fault
- Cisco finally
admitted that they do indeed impose a 256 limit on UDP syslog messages.

The PIX is perfectly capable of handling bigger UDP messages than that - it has
to do in order
just to process DNS messages - so the problem only affects the PIX UDP syslog

Cisco also recommend , of course, using TCP instead, which they haven't
apparently imposed such
a restriction on; TCP usage would also help to improve the general security of
the logging process,
which would also be a good thing anyway.

Cisco don't appear to be very interested in my request to patch the UDP message
buffer size; I think it would be
nothing more than a single line code change to raise the buffer size to 512
which should easily cover
any IPSEC syslog messages I can see being truncated.

I'm strongly considering migrating the syslog server to syslog-ng so that I
could support TCP syslog streams
anyway, but in order to defend against any migration problems I wanted a backup
plan for PIX TCP stream support.
My current plan is some form of very temporary perl daemon listening on TCP
redirecting to the Unix Domain syslog socket.


Does anyone on the list have experience of Cisco PIX TCP Syslog stream talking
to syslog-ng?

Does anyone on the list have a good idea of the internal layout of the PIX TCP
syslog stream - in particular
how is the end of message encoded? ( Under UDP of course , EOM is implied by end
of packet, but under
TCP some explicit EOM marker would have(?) to be added to the stream. )

Would anyone be able to send me some tcpdumps or similar for me to decode the
format so that I could
generate some test data to fire at the listener?



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